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Experience Unmatched Seaside Luxury at The Tides Beach Club's 125th Birthday

Tides Beach Club 125th birthday

As The Tides Beach Club celebrates its remarkable 125th birthday, we invite you to join us in commemorating this momentous occasion. Since its inception in 1899, The Tides Beach Club has stood as a beacon of seaside luxury and sophistication, offering unparalleled experiences to all who step foot on its pristine shores. With a rich history spanning over a century, this iconic destination continues to enchant visitors with its timeless charm and unmatched hospitality.

Dive into a Season of Celebrations

This season at The Tides Beach Club, we're elevating our celebratory spirit to new heights in honor of our 125th anniversary. Our calendar is bursting with bespoke events designed to make this milestone unforgettable. Prepare to be dazzled by our kickoff birthday bash, a pinnacle event that promises to blend tradition with contemporary flair. But the festivities don’t end there; themed soirees, sophisticated culinary feasts, and live musical performances will fill our days and nights with joy and merriment. Each event has been thoughtfully curated to highlight the rich history and vibrant future of our beloved beach club. Engage in these unique celebrations that not only honor our past but beckon a future filled with more exceptional moments. Your presence will add to the tapestry of stories and memories that make The Tides Beach Club a truly special place. Embrace the opportunity to partake in our storied history as we look forward to another century of unparalleled seaside luxury.

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An Exclusive Offer: $125 Nightly Rates

In a grand gesture of appreciation and celebration, The Tides Beach Club proudly extends an exclusive invitation to indulge in the luxury and charm of our esteemed establishment, with a special offering of $125 nightly rates. This extraordinary opportunity, presented in honor of our 125th year of seaside splendor, affords both cherished guests and newcomers alike the chance to immerse themselves in an experience of unmatched elegance at a value that is as exceptional as the occasion itself. These specially priced stays, available during select dates, embody our commitment to accessibility and delight for all who wish to partake in the revelry of our historic milestone. As you plan your visit, let this unique offering be the gateway to a myriad of seaside pleasures and the beginning of unforgettable memories at one of the most iconic hotels in Kennebunkport, Maine. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated allure that has defined The Tides Beach Club for over a century, all the while enjoying the financial ease that this limited-time rate provides.

Curated Stay Packages and Enhancements

Elevate your stay at The Tides Beach Club with our bespoke stay packages and enhancements, thoughtfully designed to cater to the varied desires of our guests. Envision yourself unwinding in the serene ambience of our spa, a perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. For the gastronomes, our gourmet dining experiences promise a journey through the rich, local flavors of Maine, each dish a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence. Adventurers and nature lovers will revel in our outdoor escapades, ranging from serene beach walks to thrilling water sports, offering an authentic taste of coastal living. Families can delight in our tailored packages that ensure a harmonious blend of fun and relaxation for all ages. These curated offerings, a hallmark of our dedication to creating personalized experiences, invite you to immerse in the luxury and heritage of The Tides Beach Club. Discover the essence of bespoke hospitality, where every aspect of your stay is infused with the elegance and charm that has distinguished us for 125 years.

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Culinary Delights at The Tides Beach Club Restaurant

Immerse yourself in an epicurean adventure at The Tides Beach Club Restaurant, where the essence of Maine's rich maritime heritage is brought to life through every dish. Our chefs, masters in their craft, curate a symphony of flavors using the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring each bite tells a story of the region's abundant waters and lands. The vibrant dining scene here is not just about satisfying your appetite but about creating an experience that lingers long after the meal has ended.

The menu, a celebration of the sea and soil, features the finest Maine seafood alongside a selection of dishes that cater to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. From the succulent lobster that Maine is famous for to innovative creations that surprise and delight, our offerings are a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence.

As you dine, let the stunning seaside views from our beachside porch captivate your senses, providing the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable meal. The gentle lapping of the waves, the soft rustle of the sea breeze, and the panoramic vista of Goose Rocks Beach fuse together, creating a dining ambiance that is truly unparalleled.

At The Tides Beach Club Restaurant, every meal is an occasion, a moment to savor the finest flavors of Kennebunkport while basking in the serene beauty of our coastal setting.

Making History Together: Join the Festivities

This year marks an exceptional chapter in the storied legacy of The Tides Beach Club as we usher in our 125th year with grandeur and grace. We extend an open invitation to all to partake in this historical celebration, a testament to both our rich past and the vibrant future that lies ahead. The array of festivities and exclusive events crafted for this milestone promises an inclusive experience, woven with the threads of joy, elegance, and unforgettable memories. Whether it's savoring the culinary delights at our renowned restaurant, basking in the sophisticated ambiance of our rooms and suites, or immersing yourself in the curated activities designed for revelers of all ages, there’s a place for everyone in this jubilant homage to our heritage. As we honor the legacy of The Tides Beach Club together, your presence will not only enrich the tapestry of our shared history but also inspire the continuation of our timeless tradition of seaside luxury and unmatched hospitality. Join us, and let’s create new memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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